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Cindy . 17 . Trinidad & Tobago and Drama Queen!!!!
Joseph Morgan is my guilty pleasure
Daniel Gillies is my husband
Jay Sean is my friend with benefits
This is my light luxury blog and I love you!
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If I have any themes to publish, I will publish them, I just need time.
I'll be online from 12 in the afternoon, I dont know what time is in my country. If I'm offline then I am and if I'm online then I am.
VanillaBeaux: Hiatus until further notice.

Please refrain from any messages until I’ve returned and all HTML and theme based messages go to my theme blog.

xoxo Cindy

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i came on to your blog then you had automatic music playing so i'm leaving now bye

Obviously you stayed long enough to write this message -.-

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Hello, beautiful person ♡ once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself, and then pass this onto your ten favorite followers ♡ :}
  1. Im obsessed with the vampire diaries and the originals
  2. I love klaroline<3
  3. I’m in love with Daniel Gillies
  4. I hate racism
  5. I am me!

Thank You!

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Do you know anyone who makes those kinds of themes?

I’m sorry, no but you could search, try the photoshop blogs, I think I’ve seen some reblogged there.

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how do you get a theme to show all of you themes that you make?

it’s a custom theme, it is specifically made for that purpose. Everytime I make a new theme, I add it in that code, so I wouldnt say it shows all of my themes per say, it does but not automatically, I enter them in manually.

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